61UGbJDtjkL._SX321_BO1,204,203,200_As Dylan Ryan’s ranch prospers his personal life crumbles. His marriage to Abigail, his friendships, and the life he has built with his own hands comes under attack and sends his world spiraling out of control. His troubles are further complicated when the Wilson gang’s return results in injuries, loss of stock, and deaths.

Forced to confront uncertain danger out on the prairie, Dylan ventures out alone, leaving his friend to stay behind and protect his family, while he goes in search of restitution. He is captured far from home by a Comanche hunting party and finds himself held captive at the Indian camp, where he’ll soon realize that more than just his life is at stake.

Torn between the life he had and all that has been lost, Dylan must make the most difficult decision of his life, but first, he’ll have to survive his circumstances and possibly compromise his beliefs in the process.

Will Dylan survive and be able to keep his family intact? Is Abigail strong enough to accept all that has happened?

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“Highly recommended”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Grammie2014

The final volume in this series does not disappoint. Second Son: Fannin County, Texas, is an excellent, fast-paced read, full of surprises. As in the first two volumes, the complex characters continue to face and deal with overwhelming challenges–both expected and unexpected–in realistic ways. With a deft hand, Lambert conveys their stumbles as well as their courage, their stubborn persistence as well as their deep affection for each other, and their pain–both physical and mental–laying open their fears and weaknesses and well as their tender mercies. I didn’t want it to end. Highly recommended.

About the Author

G.H. Lambert is a sixth generation Texan whose ancestors first settled when Texas was under Mexican rule. Needless to say, many stories of life in the early days of Texas have been handed down through the generations. Now retired, G.H. Lambert travels the back roads, researching old traces where wagons once rolled, finding the exact locations of original settlements and stockades where people banded together for protection against attacks by hostiles. Once found, these places are documented and photographed to be used as backdrops for future books.
After a varied career, and years of managing a family-owned business, G.H. Lambert now enjoys retirement, which affords the author with time to pursue a life-long dream of writing fiction.

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