Second Wind

by – Samantha Summers (Author)

A Cuckold Story: Part 1: A Bored Housewife’s Awakening

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Book Description:

In Part 1 of “Second Wind”:

Anna Blake was in a rut. Her days had become lonely and tedious, with her kids away at college and her husband fixated on the family business. Only long hours at the local gym broke up the monotony.

But all that changed with a short holiday weekend visit from her children and Tyrone Williams, her son’s black, football-playing college roommate. Something inside Anna awakened- something that had lain dormant for a long time. Maybe it was having a new, undeniably uber-masculine man in her home. Or maybe it was how she felt naked under his intense gaze. But whatever it was, Anna’s erotic daydreams quickly blossomed into a preoccupation with the man-child under her roof. And every indication was that her attraction to Tyrone was mutual.

Just when she decided she would take things no further, Anna’s husband confessed to an exciting new obsession of his own: cuckolding.

Would her husband’s enthusiastic support for her to ‘experience’ other men push Anna into Tyrone’s arms? Can Anna arrange a private encounter with her prospective lover without suspicion? If she goes through with the infidelity, will she be able to stop with just one lover?

Or will she continue with her Second Wind?

Reviews for the Book

I couldn't wait to get my hands on this one from my favorite erotic fiction author! And it didn't disappoint! Super-hot action and the beginnings of a middle-aged woman's sexual transformation. A++++ - Brenda B.

About the Author: Samantha Summers

Samantha Summers is a happily married mother of 3 and enjoyed a long professional career in the Legal Profession before retiring in 2018.

She started writing erotica rather late in life, after keeping her sexual fantasies only in her imagination for so many years. Now, being able to share her kinks and sexual turn-ons with the world is extremely rewarding. And with the ever-growing popularity of her body of work, she continues to explore new ground.

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