51GoaCnaDUL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_When Pam accepts a romantic date with a coworker, she “forgets” to share her dinner plans with her lover, Jared. Pam has no interest in anyone else, but she’s so devastated by Jared’s emotional abandonment she’ll do anything to forget that at one time, she meant something to him.

Jared’s been preoccupied with his growing security company, and after deflowering Pam six weeks ago, he’s neglected her. Jared’s suppressed his Dominant side in order to protect Pam from his dark desires, but the Dom in him knows it’s still his duty to tend to her needs. Well, as soon as his workload eases…

But someone tips off Jared and he shows up at the restaurant unannounced. Pam’s mortified when her sweet-tempered boyfriend goes Neanderthal on her and drags her back to his cave. Pam’s bratty behavior has unleashed the possessive Dom in him, so the secret’s out. But as Jared gives Pam a taste of his Dominance, other secrets threaten to surface and destroy their new beginning.

By disclosing his true self, will he end up losing the woman he loves?

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“Steamy, sensual and captivating!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Stacy Litz

Wow, move over 50 Shades of Gray! This book really captured my attention and definitely struck me as being more realistic than 50 Shades. I think that a romantic novel should be anything but fake and this book certainly hit the spot. I don’t want to give too much away, but the sex scenes were great and it turns out that not all dominance is physical… you’ll enjoy this book for sure! Definitely worth the purchase!

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