What if everything we know about troublemakers is wrong? What if there is a troublemaker trapped inside of you? What if that troublemaker had the solution to global warming or poverty? Are you willing to have your whole world turned upside down? This short, quirky book will have you asking questions and looking at the world and yourself in a new and improved way.
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“Love this book . . . and anxious for more from Kristina Hulvershorn!”

Five Star Review on Amazon by Patricia J. Lodato

I LOVE THIS BOOK! In fact, I’m giving it, along with a note, to my granddaughter for her graduation from kindergarten. The note will tell Maggie that I hope the book will inspire her to become a “Troublemaker.” The book’s content begs for many sequels! I’ll be looking forward to seeing this new young author elaborate upon upon her values in future publications. Could Secret of the Troublemakers launch a “Troublemaker Movement”? If it does, a brighter future is in store for us all!

About the Author

is the author of the secret of the troublemakers and a teacher, humane educator, and restorative justice circle keeper. she has long been an activist and a person who aspires to be consistently kind, seeking to find how those two identities can coexist. she works to create a just and sustainable world through humane education, restorative justice, and various projects. she lives with her husband and her 6 children (2 human, 3 canine, and 1 feline).

she…cuts her own hair, has a really hard time naming people and animals, is the greatest fan of her own jokes, loves kombucha, inherited a serious case of cheapskate-itis, fantasizes about flipping tables from time to time, gets along best with kids and animals, smiles often without noticing, is a terrible baker, has been a vegan over half of her life, is an excellent sleeper, believes in the goodness of all people, and above all has hope for a planet that is in trouble.

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