41Q-L32OgkL._SX330_BO1,204,203,200_O’Gram Darcell was always told, the sins of the parents are cast down upon their off spring! At age fifteen, O’Gram got pregnant by her high school sweet heart; who later in life became a well-known celebrity. O’Gram’s sin begin after her mother forced her to self-abort his unborn child. Although she was later blessed with two other daughters; somehow that just wasn’t enough. She spent the majority of her adult life always trying to get pregnant again and again; thinking it would somehow compensate the loss of the baby that she was forced to abort. However, this caused her life to take a wrong turn down a road of self-destruction, promiscuous behavior, drugs and adulterous affairs! Her life spiral completely out of control and remained in this limbo until she turned fifty one years old. For the sake of her un-born baby’s demise not to have been in vain; she gives you her true story! O’Gram will forever regret what her mother forced her to do!!! In loving memory; God bless that un-born baby’s soul.

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About the Author

O’Gram Darcell was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio on November seventh, nineteen fifty six. Somehow destiny changed her life at age fifteen. However, the power of the phoenix has always lived deep within her soul; it took O’Gram until she was fifty one years old before her phoenix rose from its ashes.

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