“Aveena! You must concentrate if you are to control your gift, child,” Dorianna scolded her. “Sorry, Lady Dorianna” she says as she tries to hold the giggle that was building. She had turned her head, only for a second, to look at the guards in training when the water had pummeled down on Dorianna, soaking her. The young guards laugh as Aveena smiles at them. “Child you have to keep your wits about you! That is all for today, come back when your distractions are gone.” Dorianna said as she stomped away to change her clothes. Her distractor walks over to her, shaking his head. “One day you will kill that poor woman if you are not careful.” laughs Theomon. The sight of him is cause for distraction every time he is around her. He is gallant looking, in his armor. He is wearing a golden breastplate with green on the sides. His chest armor has an engraved crest of wings on it. His greaves are green with gold stripes up the sides of his legs. He keeps his golden hair long in the back with the sides braided back out of his face. The thing she loves the most about him is his deep blue eyes. She cannot control the strong pull she feels towards him, just as she cannot control her water affinity.