51n+dxHX15L._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_After Ettie Smith’s friend, Agatha, dies, Ettie is surprised to find that Agatha has left her a house. During building repairs, the body of an Amish man who disappeared forty years earlier is discovered under the floorboards. When it comes to light that Agatha and the deceased man were once engaged to marry, the police declare Agatha as the murderer.
Ettie sets out to prove otherwise.
Soon Ettie hears rumours of stolen diamonds, rival criminal gangs, and a supposed witness to the true murderer’s confession.
When Ettie discovers a key, she is certain it holds the answers she is looking for.
Will the detective listen to Ettie’s theories when he sees that the key belongs to a safe deposit box?

Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries are a spin-off of the Amish Secret Widows’ Society series.
All Samantha Price books are clean reads.
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“Great mystery”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Brenda C

Secrets Come Home is a page turning mystery that really kept me guessing about who the killer really was. Just when I thought I had it figured out the author would provide another twist to the story! The ending really was great and something I didn’t see coming. Fans of Amish fiction blended with a not so easy to solve murder mystery will enjoy this one. I loved the characters especially Ettie, although in the beginning I felt like I was missing something, and then realized she was in another series of books. The author did provide enough background information about her through that I was able to not only connect with her, I also felt like I learned a bit about her past. I do want to go back and read the other series that she was in because I enjoyed her character so much. Samantha Price has hit a home run with Secrets Come Home and she has gained a new fan here.

About the Author

Samantha is the author of over fifty Amish Romances, Mystery Suspense, and Historical Western Romances.
Many of her books have hit the number one best-seller spot. She writes stories of love intermingled with emotions, spiritual growth, and her characters’ personal journeys. Her books are clean, and easy to read.
As well as writing, Samantha enjoys gardening and painting. Samantha now lives in Melbourne, Australia.To be notified of Samantha’s giveaways and new releases, subscribe at her website:

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