Secrets of a Nun

by – Elizabeth Upton (Author)

My Own Story 

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Book Description:

Secrets of a Nun is a revealing, uncompromisingly honest, and deeply moving look into one woman’s soul.

At fifteen, Elizabeth, a talented athlete, gives up her dreams of competing in the Olympics to become a nun. Separating from her mother and twin sister, she leaves her friends and familiar world behind to pursue a saintly life. But she finds herself unprepared for what lies ahead. While her cloistered life commences as a profound spiritual and emotional journey, personal disenchantment takes root and slowly grows over the next twenty years. Elizabeth recoils against the restrictive atmosphere of convent life. She struggles with conflicting emotions until a forbidden love affair forces her to come to grips with her needs as a woman.

Over the course of striving to find her authentic self, she ultimately feels compelled to leave the Order. A true story inspires this fascinating account of courage and passion. It will shock you and bring a smile to your face as you follow the course of a young woman’s obsession to become a spiritual seeker—an obsession that, over time, transforms into a deeply felt desire for personal liberation.

Reviews for the Book

Awarded a 5-star Editorial Book Review by Readers' Favorite Oct. 2022!
Until I left high school, most of my teachers were nuns, not to mention a source of fascination. What did they wear to bed at night? Are they bald under those black veils? What do they confess if they don't even sin? As a young teacher, I worked with and learned a lot more about nuns, but only after I read Secrets of a Nun: My Own Story by Elizabeth Upton, could I conclusively say that nuns are, indeed, very human! Upton's journey from becoming a nun to leaving took 21 years, beginning when she was only 16. In an utterly honest voice that shares every emotion, and the more hidden, natural urges a young teen feels, Upton opens up to readers in her memoir. We feel every battle with herself and her superiors that resulted from her choice to dedicate her life to God.
Becoming a nun is far from easy. Personal interaction between nuns is discouraged. Nuns in superior positions take their religious fervor and powerful roles to extremes, and the degree of dedication required would try anyone's strength and patience. Then, of course, there's the difficulty younger nuns experience denying their attraction to the opposite sex, as celibacy is not just demanded of Catholic priests!
I loved the honesty with which Elizabeth Upton shares such emotional and physical details. That takes courage. Readers need to bring an open mind to Secrets of a Nun. Those who see normal urges as sinful might be offended by Upton's frankness. The rest of us will applaud Upton's decision to write a tell-all about her life as a Catholic nun. It is a memoir I recommend to any young woman contemplating donning the veil. Read this memoir long before you take those final vows.
Reviewed by Viga Boland for Readers' Favorite

About the Author: Elizabeth Upton

Elizabeth Upton is an American Author and an influential writer of fiction and nonfiction spiritual books.

Her best-selling books, “Secrets of a Nun: My Story” and “The Silver Woman of Fire” helped set her firmly on the world’s literary map. With many novels to her credit, she has released a new book in June 2022 titled ‘Lovers’ Secrets and Revenge.’ Elizabeth’s favorite she enjoyed writing is, ‘The Shaman and The Mafia,’ as she shares, “The creation of this story has been an exciting journey. If possible, I would love to meet all of the characters in this book in real life.” Elizabeth’s books and novels are available on Amazon online, Barnes & Noble, and featured on fine literary book sites.

Elizabeth was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA., until the age of sixteen, when she entered a New York State Convent and became a nun for twenty years, but she yearned for a more authentic spiritual life. Elizabeth left the convent and chose to attend and receive her B.A. from Syracuse University.

Moving back to her native state of California, she attended and received her M.A. from Chapman University in psychology. The Author began working for over thirty years in family counseling as a social worker and probation officer working with troubled teens and abused children. She is a speaker, spiritual mentor, and advisor.

Elizabeth is happily married and enjoys writing books for her reader fans around the world. When the Author is not writing, she works out with a personal trainer to stay fit and healthy; she loves spending time on long walks on the beach with her husband and dog. Her favorite colors are blue, green, and gold. She enjoys reading good books by some of her favorite authors like Geraldine Brooks, Hanh, Jerry Archer, Joseph Murphy, and Michael Connelly. Elizabeth and her husband reside in Santa Barbara, California.

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