Secrets of the Gold

by Baer Charlton (Author)

Runaway girl, mysterious biker, forgotten gold – an unexpected journey of friendship and secrets.

Book Description:​

Concealed in his jacket are ingots of gold; he just doesn’t remember why.

A young girl running from an abusive foster home kidnaps an older biker with a mystery for a past.

Leaving the mining town in Colorado and crossing state lines, anything can happen.

What neither is looking for or expecting is friendship.

But in the cold of the desert night, life lessons can go both ways—even if they are not about a million dollars in gold.

Growing up is hard enough, even without the shooting.

About the Author

Baer Charlton (Author)

Bestselling, award-winning author, Baer Charlton holds a degree in Social-Anthropology from the University of California at Irvine. His many interests have led him around the world in search of the different and unique. As an internationally recognized photojournalist, he tracked mountain gorillas, was a podium for a Barbary Ape, communicated in sign language with an Orangutan named Boolon, kissed a kangaroo, and many other wild experiences in between--or he was just monkeying around. There are no more complex and wonderful stories than ones coming from human experience. Mr. Charlton's stories are all driven by the characters you come to think of as friends, if not family.

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What's the crime? Who's the criminal? Who to you trust? Where did the gold come from? These questions are hard to answer when your memory is lost. The journey will answer the questions.