Secrets of the Island by Linda Hughes

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Book Description:

You think you know your heritage? Think again. Deep, dark secrets lurk below the surface of every family tree, as the Sullivan clan discovers in this story about living in the aftermath of generations of deceit. When Red Cross nurse Harriet escapes the trauma of WWII and sequesters herself in her grandfather’s cottage on Mackinac Island, she has no inkling about her heritage. But as one shocking clue after another surfaces—disclosing lies, corruption, madness, and murder—the family realizes that it’s not just their ancestors that remain a mystery. With so much hidden in shadows, no one knows who they are anymore. Their family tree has more intricately entangled roots than anyone could have imagined, and it’s up to Harriet and her loved ones to unearth the truth.

Secrets of the Island, the second book in the Secrets Trilogy, is tale of romantic suspense that will make you wonder what secrets are buried deep within your own family tree.
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“Romance, mystery and secrets in this page turner”

Five Star Review on Amazon By DonnaD

Secrets of the Island takes the reader to Mackinac Island and Traverse City in Michigan as the characters search for answers to secrets that have been hidden from a family for generations. Harriet and Harry, the twins who are returning from World War II Tunisia have their own hidden secrets. and learn of their own mother’s past secrets. The author interweaves history with the characters’ very interesting stories that keep us turning the pages. The reader wonders how many hidden secrets are in their own past!

About the Author

When I was twelve years old I wrote in my diary that I would be a “writter” when I grew up. Thank goodness for spell-check today. I’m a storyteller whose purpose is always the same: to enlighten and entertain while providing insights into coming of age for women of all ages. My books have been honored with the eLit Gold Award, Indie Book of the Day, honorable mention in a National Writers Association contest, a certificate of merit in an American Screenwriters Association & Writers Digest contest, and an eLit Bronze Award. Not bad for a kid who couldn’t spell. There is a lot to look at, so browse around. I hope you find something that’s just right for you.

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