She would give him one night. Then she would send him to hell.

“Begins as a conventional romance…ends in full Gothic.”
“Interesting combination of present-day and Victorian language.”
“isn’t the usual paranormal book.”
“[love] scenes…most captivating I’ve read to date.”
“A brilliant read.”

“See Me Forever…is a beautifully written love story that has a touch of all the right genres; including action, mystery and supernatural elements. It is hot and steamy, romantic and at times frightening, providing a story line that is full of entertainment for all readers.”

As a spirit sensitive, Arianna Harte is used to encountering the dead. So when the mysterious spirit in her crumbling Victorian mansion finally reveals his presence, Arianna is confident she can control him. But Edmond Wilde is unlike other spirits. He possesses a deadly power and is prepared to use that terrifying ability to claim her. As Arianna gradually learns of the house’s dark past and the source of Edmond’s power, she finds herself increasingly under his depraved control. Only one man can fight for her—a fearless, mortal man, stronger than Edmond. But he is a man with his own ghosts from the past.

Placing early Gothic themes and styles in a contemporary setting, See Me Forever is a story of strange happenings, blended time periods, obsession, betrayal and death. With multiple characters and plot twists, mysteries both past and present are revealed, testing Arianna’s gift in ways she never thought possible. Can she and her courageous lover defeat the powerful spirit who threatens their very existence?

Note: This book has a high heat level and is intended for mature readers.
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“A little bit of everything and a great romance!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Mackenzie B

See Me Forever has a little bit of everything: ghosts, gothic atmosphere, romance, small town politics, and some pretty steamy erotic scenes. The characters have amazing chemistry, and by the end, I was really rooting for them. I was also surprised by how well-written the erotic moments were. The sex scenes were honestly some of the most captivating I’ve seen to date.

The book is also just so fun. I found myself actually telling my roommate about what was happening through the twists and turns, not sure what would happen or where the plot was going. It has enough mystery to keep you guessing, but not distract from the book’s central romance. Both Arianna and Logan are both thought out very well, and Arianna’s gifts are very interesting to read about.

Without giving too much away, there are some themes in this book that I think are a bit problematic. I don’t think that characters the other female main characters besides Arianna really get a fair shot in the narrative, and some of them feel more like caricatures than real characters. I also didn’t really like the ending. I didn’t find it satisfying, and I think it changes the rules of the entire universe. I thought about dropping the book down a star for it, but honestly, the rest of it was so fun that I decided to let it be. It didn’t really impact my enjoyment of the book at all, anyways.

Overall, I really loved this book. If you’re looking for a romance novel that’s a little bit different, or a gothic romance with some spooky twists and turns, I would recommend this book highly.

About the Author

Susann Oriel loves to write spicy, romantic mysteries and whodunits with complex story lines and multiple characters. Her heroes are strong, quiet alphas with troubled pasts. Her heroines make the perfect foil—sensual, smart, captivating and forever inspiring. Their beginnings are tempestuous, their endings HEA…usually. ♥

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