sNYgo8zu_400x400Dead people find me… and I find them.

My name is Lee. What I do is not for the faint of heart. I have this insatiable need to help those that cannot help themselves. The dead find me and I go in search of them. I am their voice. Since childhood, I have always found a way to help the dead and missing. With the help of my mother, Tabitha, she encourages me to bring closure to the dead and their families.

My occupation is strange for those that do not understand. When Sarah first came to me, all she wanted was her body found. She had been murdered and whoever killed her, moved her body and dumped it near the American River in Folsom, California. There was no remorse in what happened to her. There was only a dead girl lying in the water. This is where I come in.

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About the Author

Candy O’Donnell lives in California with her best friend and husband Jim, and their two enthused teenagers. This family also includes two happy dogs, a languid cat and an energetic cockatiel. At the age of twelve, she wrote her first mini book and has not looked back when her first title was published in 2007. Today, Candy writes whatever story crops up in her imagination. She composes numerous genres as a way of expressing herself fluently. Her early years were spent reading the works of Walter Farley, Stephen King, and other titles focused on history.
She earned a bachelor’s degree in history and culture in 2010 and she also has 6 grad units in criminal justice.

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