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Self Portrait: Intimate Reflections by Syeita M. Rhey

Self Portrait: Intimate Reflections by Syeita M. Rhey

Exploring real issues from discovering cultural identity and acceptance to tumultuous relationships to dealing with loss. Add dashes of sauciness and you have the phenomenal poetry book… Self Portrait: Intimate Reflections.

This collection of poetry has been selected as an autobiographical introduction to present novice author, Syeita M. Rhey. These early poems reflect Syeita’s rite of passage through expressions of confusion, self-awareness, anger and love. They reveal a vulnerable young woman’s raw perspective of the world prior to becoming a public servant in the education field advocating for social justice and educational equity.
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About the Author

Syeita M. Rhey was born in Philadelphia, PA but raised in Hartford, CT where she still currently resides. She is a visual and graphics art enthusiast, blogger, poet and teacher. Syeita received her B.A in Studio Arts from Trinity College and a M.S in Teacher Leadership from Quinnipiac University. Her poetry influences include Etheridge Knight, Maya Angelou, Hugh Ogden and Sherri Bacon Isaac. Syeita Rhey was placed into the foster care system as a youth; she was later adopted. It was her childhood circumstances and adversities that first led her to use poetry as an outlet to express her feelings. Syeita enjoys tackling prospects involving creativity and education.

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