by Lynn Assimacopoulos (Author)

Lynn Assimacopoulos, a retired healthcare worker and genealogical hobbyist, takes on the challenge of reuniting her son's friend with his birthparents in "Separated Lives," a poignant tale of family, mystery, and self-discovery.

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A son’s friend asks Lynn Assimacopoulos for help in searching for his birth parents. While agreeing she cannot promise success, but will attempt to use her genealogy skills to aid in this endeavor. Finding phone directories, writing letters, using the internet and visiting libraries and the National Archives are some of the paths she takes, however without much success. Then a surprising incident suddenly occurs which may lead to more than she ever imagined.

About the Author

Lynn Assimacopoulos (Author)

Lynn Ann Assimacopoulos is a retired Registered Nurse, (RN, BSN) who has written for professional Nursing Journals in the past. However, she has been writing poetry and short stories since she was eight years old and also enjoys reading, genealogy and archeology. She continues to enjoy writing non-fiction and studying the use of words.

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A great short story about the search for birthparents. It is well written and details the unusual twists the search takes. More that this, the subtext is really about the need for human love, acceptance and relationship and the satisfaction that comes from giving rather than receiving.