Seven stories about mysterious circumstances and strange dilemmas; where nothing is quite as it seems. – A former Prime Minister, while staying for the weekend at his luxury mansion, finds himself haunted by a controversial policy he pursued. – A dangerous prisoner breaks out of jail and a succession of murders follow that he may or may not have had a hand in. – A ruthless military dictatorship makes use of a brilliant scientific invention in order to control and pacify the populace. – The people of a town are reduced to the state of will-less zombies by a sinister cabal of oligarchs and ideologues, so that they can exercise complete control within the community. – A castaway, having spent five years, alone, on a remote tropical island, sees a line of footprints in the sand and is terrified that a hostile presence has arrived on the isle. – When a sinister monster is repeatedly seen in a Scottish loch, to terrify the local people and to increase tourist numbers, there are two private detectives who suspect that the creature isn’t quite what it seems to be. – A brilliant academic becomes the minister of a new social department in a radical, reforming government. He initiates a whole series of sweeping reforms that effectively abolish crime as a social phenomenon. But in so doing he alienates all the former watchdogs of society, the police, judiciary and prison staff, who then embark on desperate and clandestine action to undermine his work. – THE HAUNTED WEEKEND – HAZARD ON THE LOOSE – THE DREAMLESS SLEEP – ZOMBIEVILLE – FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND – THE CREATURE FROM THE DEEP – THE DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL HARMONY
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