After his marriage proposal is rejected by his long-time girlfriend, Amanda, struggling writer/comedian, Nick Nightingale, has his family and livelihood stripped away from him, as he’s plunged back into the harsh world of 21st century dating. To make matters worse, Amanda tells Nick that until things between them are sorted out, it would be best that he not see Christina – Amanda’s witty and adorable 10-year-old daughter – for a while.

Heart broken and in pain, Nick begins to journey down a dark path of booze, drugs and casual sex, as he attempts to reevaluate his feelings on life, love and relationships.

When a drunken brawl at a local pub lands Nick in jail, the judge sentences Nick to community service, and five sessions with a court appointed shrink. Together, Nick and the good doctor will have to find a way to break down Nick’s emotional barrier, in order for him to confront his feelings surrounding the events that led to his arrest.

Will Nick be able to see the error of his ways, and get his life back on track, or will he continue to venture further down the rabbit’s hole, with no chance of ever finding solace or redemption?
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I’m currently a staff writer for , covering the Nutrition and Supplements section. In my down time, I’m an aspiring screenwriter/novelist.

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