Shadow of punishment by J. Oscar Lufuluabo

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In a scenario where the protagonists’ lives apparently seem not to be connected, hidden truths emerge and link them to one another. The hypocritical masks wore by each of them slowly dissolve after the homicide of a young psychologist, showing the malice that makes them both victims and authors of unspeakable crimes. Two sisters, a couple of lovers and a fake marriage create an explosive mix where love is overwhelmed by hate. A tragic and vital plot where passion, betrayal, blackmail and revenge bring the characters’ lives to their limits. All this, characterized by hypocrisies that will be the explosive fuse of dramatic events.
It will be detective Nardi to investigate, who will be forced to deal with his own past in order to solve the case.
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About the Author

Jacques Oscar Lufuluabo was born in Rome, where he still lives and works.
After his studies he specialized in the comic strip industry, in the meantime collaborating with local newspapers. His passion for communication brought him to obtain a professional degree as a copywriter. Then he attended the Omero School for creative writing and TV-fiction screenplay.
Presently, he has published numerous short stories for anthologies and online magazines. “Shadow of punishment” is his debut romance, which was presented at the Salone Internazionale del Libro in Turin, 2016.

Jacques Oscar Lufuluabo nasce a Roma, dove vive e lavora.
Dopo gli studi si specializza nel settore del fumetto, collaborando nel frattempo con testate giornalistiche locali. La passione per la comunicazione lo porta a conseguire l’attestato professionale di copywriter. In seguito frequenta la scuola Omero, partecipando ai corsi di scrittura creativa e di sceneggiatura per la fiction tv.
Fino ad oggi ha pubblicato diversi racconti in antologie letterarie e riviste online. “L’ombra del castigo” è il suo romanzo d’esordio, presentato al Salone Internazionale del Libro di Torino 2016.

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