31AKNI2MD5L._UX250_A pair of strong hands choke the final breaths out of black singer Etta Childs. When Miami police fail to turn up a lead, her brother Wendell Childress turns to private investigator and former police detective Ben Sheen.

It quickly becomes apparent that the investigation could have been more thorough. Meanwhile Sheen’s own dead ends keep piling up. He’ll have to go up against both the police and political powers if he has any hope of solving the crime.

Sheen’s got a hunch why they don’t want him to make progress. One more body will fall before he’s got it all figured out, and he’ll have to work fast to crack the case open before his unexpected new lover is caught in the cross fire. Can he find the answer in time?

Find out in Some Are Shadows, a classic detective story by David Sayre. It’s the first published novel for the independent filmmaker and Miami native who brings his town to life in a homage to pulp-fiction gumshoe detective novels of the past.

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About the Author

Lifelong Miami resident David Sayre turns his attention from independent films to writing novels with his first published novel, Some Are Shadows. Sayre previously wrote and directed several short films and wrote articles on film and television for the now defunct Internet magazine Pictures and Frames. Sayre remains loyal to his Miami Heat and Los Angeles Dodgers and plays poker in his spare time. Readers can follow him on Twitter @writtenbysayre and on his website at davidsayre.net.

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