“Life is like leaping flames. Its circumstances change shape so quickly—one moment dancing, the next dwindling into embers. . . “

Andreva de Beringer is joyful upon her uncle’s summons to leave the abbey in Toulouse to care for her grandmother, but she arrives in Lavelanet to find a village gripped by the turmoil and terror of the Inquisition. While Andreva strives to hold on to her family, her faith, (and the man she loves,) all around her Good Men must fight for the same—as well as for life itself.

In the right place, but at a dreadfully wrong time, and under the wrath of the Inquisition, might this faith-filled but naïve girl be forced to witness the massacre and burning of every Cathar man, woman, and child, and also lose the young farmer she loves?

The venturesome reader, fans of history, and the romantic at heart will enjoy this seldom-told tale from medieval history at its darkest.

J. Sowards’ medieval romance opens a window on a little known chapter of historical tragedy in Shadows of Montsegur. Challenges to the human conscience have run through the course of time. May we be wiser in our day.  ~ Joyce DiPastena, award winning historical romance author

Jaques cupped her cheek in his hand. His tender touch sent tantalizing currents through her. “Garcia will watch after you. But promise me you will not stay the night inside the castle. Take your uncle to the empty house along the road. The fortress is not safe with the truce ending on the morrow.”

“I promise.” She lifted her face to his, longing for his kiss. “I wish you would stay.” His lips met hers, soft, sweet, and honest. She wrapped her arms around him, returning the kiss willingly.

He released her and slipped away. Andreva opened her eyes and reached to pull him back to kiss him again, to hold him forever, but caught only a glimpse of him sprinting down the path.

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