Shanghai China Travel Guide by Chop Snowbeard

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Book Description:

31-AF7zXfWL._UX250_This book contains everything you need to know about traveling to Shanghai, China. All the things you want to do and some things to avoid when traveling the city. I also included some phrases in Mandarin you may need to use, all at an affordable price!

When we talk about China, the city of Shanghai will always come to mind. Shanghai is, arguably, the most developed city in China. It is known as the Paris of the East. It is home to more than 25 million people, a third of those are immigrants. It is the 2nd most visited city in China, next to Hong Kong.
It is a great place to spend a vacation. We are not just talking about three-day or four-day vacation. You have to stay at least a week or two to really enjoy Shanghai. But, if your time in Shanghai is more limited, this book will certainly help you find sights to see and things to do.

This book aims to help you maximize your vacation. It will be your tourist’s guide for your whole stay in Shanghai.
The book includes the list of the transportation you need to move around Shanghai. It also contains a list of the addresses for hostels, hotels and apartments, from the cheapest to the most luxurious, and gives you reasons why you should choose to stay there. It also provides the locations of the diners and restaurants around Shanghai and the food you must taste. It also suggests the events, places, and entertainment that you need to see, visit and try.
As a bonus, the book will also teach you some basic Mandarin conversation for travelers, so you can easily get by while traveling Shanghai.

Make your amazing trip even better by picking up Chop’s Guide to Shanghai, China today!

Here is a list of what you will experience within these covers:

  • Moving Around Shanghai
  • Where to Stay
  • What and Where to Eat
  • Where to Shop
  • How to Enjoy Shanghai
  • Safety and Useful Tips While Traveling in Shanghai
  • And much more

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“Best guide I found”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Random Task

Really helped me out on my recent visit to Shanghai. Just useful well written advice for everything you need to know.

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