Shari’s Shot

A little mystery and a little golf what more could one want. The reader may not like the main character, but there is no denying she is Gem.
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Book Description:

Top Rated Cozy Mystery on Free Kindle

Realistic Fiction That Could Happen To You!

Events unravel after Shari Daniels-Donnelly files for divorce from real estate tycoon, Tyler Cy. Threatening texts, a lover’s triangle, confessions, jail time, and a liaison with a US Congresswoman add to the chaos. When a body is found in a carpool parking lot prior to a golf outing a detective duo is determined to find out who was responsible.

˃˃˃ Want An Ending That You Can’t Predict?

A series of twists and turns add to the drama of divorce. Threatening texts, a body, confessions, false imprisonment, informants, and behind-the-back deals add to the suspense. Don’t you dare read the last page first.

˃˃˃ Divorce! Can This Really Happen?

Shari Daniels-Donnelly, a former Mrs. Missouri, is a person you love to hate. All the gifts in the world aren’t enough to appease her. Enter aggressive divorce attorney, Leslie Potter. After the papers are filed a lover’s triangle surfaces amid threatening texts. Then a body is found in a carpool parking lot. With confessions, jail time, false accusations, and politics from a US Congresswoman an unpredictable conclusion will surprise. Make sure it doesn’t happen to you!

˃˃˃ A Top 50 Overall Kindle Free Download

This popular download dominated the top spot in The Crime/Fiction and Cozy Mystery categories during its promotional period as well as breaking into the Top 50 overall. The main character? A bitch…. The plot? What will she do next?… The conclusion? One that you will never predict. Twists and turns abound in this page-turner.

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It's a story of intrigue and suspense, but it takes place at the golf club and on the course. James Ross has done it again with "Shari's Shot." James' words in print come to life in this book at you can see the characters, actions and emotions right in front of you eyes. His golf novels are a tribute to James as a writer and the sport he loves. You don't have to be a golfer or know the sport to loves his books, but it sure gives a unique perspective on the people that play the sport and how crazy they can be. "Shari's Shot' is a must read!

-- Richard C. Limpert

Shari Daniels-Donnelly is a woman about town. In St. Louis what you see is not always what you get. Shari belittles and criticizes her husband, Tyler Cy, every chance she gets. Needless to say, Shari is a showstopper and always gets who and what she wants. This includes a lover by the name of Raul Mendez. Now Shari wants a divorce and Tyler is refusing to give her one. While Raul is busy smooching with the ladies at Olde Blueblood Country Club and having with Shari at his sports therapy shop, Tindra Savhnstrom is wondering why her husband can’t be faithful. Being Raul’s wife has been painful for Tindra. Raising two children and not having friends has left Tindra feeling lonely. Raul has been receiving threatening and mysterious text messages from a stranger. He assumes the messages are from Shari; this sick game is from someone closer than he thinks. It is ironic how Shari doesn’t approve of the sway of power from Chicago’s politicians extending to the St. Louis area. Tyler would like to build one of the best gold courses in the world. Yet there are environmental problems, and yes, an oil pipeline that runs right through the course too. One of my favorite characters is Captain Jerry Stafford. As the locals call him, Captain Jer is always drunk. Despite that he is the only person who can see right through Shari. This is something because Shari can charm her way into using people to her own advantage. Secrets long kept quiet surface and as usual Shari comes out winning her shot. I received a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

-- Linda

About the Author ▸ James Ross

It took a lot of living to have a compelling story. Once the words were put on paper the fingers worked non-stop. Then a funny thing happened. The characters had another story to tell. And another. And another. Well, you get the picture. The setting is Prairie Winds Golf Course. The site sits high atop the Mississippi river bluffs just east of St. Louis and 90 miles south of Hannibal, MO the birthplace of Mark Twain, a distant relative. My newest novel, Shari’s Shot, was released in 2015. Threatening texts and a lover’s triangle muddy up a high society divorce. When a body is found in a commuter parking lot a detective duo is determined to find out who was the killer. The first novel, Lifetime Loser, was published in 2007. An unethical businessman swindles an estate. The IRS opens a criminal investigation. Caught in the middle is a young golf pro who becomes the victim of civil fraud. Stories that attack social issues and delve into Midwestern life continued. Finish Line (2008) was begun before the first book was completed. It involves a cancer victim and two adolescent boys. Drawing inspiration from the characters, the third book, Tuey’s Course, was released in January 2009. Lovers of satire and dialect appreciate this effort about an impoverished minority businessman who battles politics at City Hall. Opur’s Blade (2010) gives hope to anyone facing long odds to succeed. In this story a gifted prodigy overcomes family strife, a clouded future and a whirlwind romance to reach the pinnacle of golf’s grandest stage. Pabby’s Score was released in 2011. It takes on autism, dementia and Internet dating as well as the US justice system. Add thoroughbred racing, Native American customs and a secret law society to read the twists and turns in this dramatic page turner. With the use of dialogue and dialect the characters come alive. Enjoy the commentary on social issues and the opinions on controversial topics. The eclectic cast has no boundaries and hail from all corners of the earth. Try a story or two and join the growing list of readers!