51aSSbCJOeL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_A frightening and paralyzing experience leads Ivan Franco to search for the truth behind recent haunting apparitions of a strange woman and two children. Doctors dismiss these episodes as sleep paralysis. His continued encounters with the ghostly woman and children push him to the edge of sanity and he seeks additional medical attention. During a routine test, an extraordinary event leaves a team of medical professionals baffled. The renowned sleep disorder specialist Dr. Noemi Ochoa, a highly educated woman with a particular interest in parapsychology and the possible link between the unconscious mind and paranormal activity, joins the group to further the team’s efforts.

Ivan and Dr. Ochoa together will uncover the bizarre connection between mysterious deaths along a corridor that stretches across over six thousand miles and his recent horrifying experiences.

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About the Author

Ruben Avilla is the author of the soon to be released paranormal thrillers:Dying Solo She Cries and Endless and Limitless

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