Sheep, Wasps and The King

Book Two, and Sequel to The Jug and Hare Bathhouse...
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Book Description:

Book Two, and Sequel to The Jug and Hare Bathhouse
This exciting and engaging sequel to The Jug and Hare Bathhouse – Book One in The Master Harry Series, sees Harry and his friend Thomas move to their Master’s home in Hillingdon, to avoid the ravages of the Black Death plague in London.
Adventures abound, as sheep thieves threaten Master Jorne’s flock as well as the Shepherd’s daughter. Enter Peter Longford, friend of the Master from Ruislip, and Harry is smitten. Thomas meanwhile has eyes for the pretty maid Ann. Harry embarks on a dangerous mission with his new friend Peter, as they enter the court of King James, who has fled the plague to reside in Oxford.
As wasps are set to kill the King but get his boy lover instead, all hell breaks loose for Harry and his new friends.

Another good read by this exceptional author. He makes you feel you are in the story. And as I lived in the area for 40 years it’s history as well. Next book 3, can’t wait.

-- pam delaney

Delighted to find Book 2 was released. Enjoyed it and hoping its not long before Book 3.

-- Lindsey Khan

About the Author ▸ Graham Williams

Being retired I now have the time to write and tell wonderful stories. Registered blind and profoundly dyslexic, I rely on the wonders of technology to express myself and to live. Spending many hours walking around London, the places, sounds and smells of the city give me the most of my inspiration… I believe that to know one’s history is to know one’s self. And therefore, with my love of history and my own life experiences from over six decades, I am able to tell many stories. I hope you enjoy them.
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