Shelby and the Lost Boy of Misbegot Island by John Edward Byrd

Imagine a captured African boy who escapes, along with friends, from a slave ship headed to the New World. They try to row their way back to Africa, but land instead on a mysterious and magical island somewhere in the Caribbean where nothing is as it should be…including the natural process of growing up. Inspired by and a re-imagining of “Peter Pan”, this African-American take on a classic story is one of social and historical significance. Available on and all downloads.
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“A profound and beautiful ‘Peter Pan’ reimagining!”

Five Star Review on Amazon by Ruth

I was carried along with this African-American version of the magical original and its poignant history lesson of our common lost heritages ala tv’s “Do You Know Who You Are?”
R.N. Franz

About the Author

After working in New York theater and film as an actor, and producer, as well as a writer of several plays and screenplays and editing a jazz autobiography of musician Sam Wooding, Jr. Mr. Byrd lives with his wife, Ruthann in upstate New York.

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