Sherlock & Dracula: Lifeblood

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I bought by seeing the tittle , two of my favourite characters of all time so I was very intrigued that what is it. So I thought of giving it a read and I was not at all disappointed. The writer is trying to combine two worlds that are different yet they connect somewhat in a thrilling way, the writer does a good job to do it. Despite the fact that it features Sherlock Holmes and Watson, the story is presented in a novel manner, and there is lots of humour sprinkled throughout this gloomy tale. When a woman named Mina arrives from an appointment on a gloomy and rainy day to talk with Sherlock Holmes, the narrative takes on a new dimension. She is the wife of someone who is well-known to Holmes, and the narrative she is about to tell will send shivers down your spine and bring back the name of someone who appeared to have vanished from history and literature for all time, Dracula. The expertise at work here to bring these two great worlds together necessitates a high level of creativity as well as a thorough understanding of both realms and the numerous twists and turns each universe takes in their respective instances. If I spell more here it may be some spoiler and spoiler is a thriller killer, what you can expect is somewhat new that you haven't seen before an integration of two of the best characters of all time.

-- Maddy Charles
Book Description:


Lifeblood – A Novel
Seven years after Dracula’s apparent demise at the hands of Jonathan Harker and his five compatriots in the forests of the Carpathian Mountains, Sherlock Holmes is asked by Mina Harker to help track down what she believes is the returning vampire before he takes his revenge. But she may be too late. Can Sherlock and Dr. Watson find the lair of Dracula located somewhere in Victorian London before vengeance is served. for more information, maps, evidence and journals.

Based on the characters developed by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in his works depicting the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and characters developed by Bram Stoker in Dracula.

Kev Freeman (Author)
I grew up in a small mining town in Nottinghamshire, England. After spending over thirty years writing technical reports I thought that it was about time that the creative got the opportunity. I moved to the States from the UK originally in 2004. And spent time working in both since then.
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