When Asanti McCoy packed up and left her daunting reality behind, she was determined to start over with a clean slate. Venturing down South to reconnect with her paternal family, she was hopeful their success and influence will help her do just that. A chance meeting while traveling blossoms into a sisterhood, exposing her to a world of money, dancing, and drugs. Initially hesitant, temptation prevails as Asanti dives into the fast life, head first.

She didn’t expect to have her heart reclaimed by a long lost love. As her relationship with Jace becomes serious, she’s forced to make a choice between the love of her life, and the secret she’s been hiding from him. She has to move fast, because there’s someone waiting in the shadows, ready for the perfect time to expose her for good. When the dust settles, she learns the hard way that even in the game of life, family can be your worst enemy.

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About the Author

Keisha Elle has always appreciated the power of words. Living in a single parent household, she began writing short stories and poems to express her anger towards her absentee father. As her writing evolved, she began sharing her stories with anyone who would listen. It was her way of coping with a less than perfect life in a rough section of Louisville, KY.

Although writing was her passion, life took Keisha on a different path. Earning a Baccalaureate Degree from Indiana University, Keisha entered the health insurance field. Starting off in an entry level position, Keisha gained experience in several departments, before landing a position as a trainer. Along with training new employees, her responsibilities included writing processing manuals for several different health plans, as well as researching and writing corporate policies and procedures. This aspect of her position ignited her desire for writing a novel, which had been dormant for some time.

In 2015, Keisha made the decision to articulate her dreams, and make her vision a reality. While maintaining her full-time job, late nights and weekends became her personal time, allowing her imagination to run wild. Although she has written several unpublished works in a variety of genres, urban fiction and romance are her genres of choice.

Keisha currently resides on the West Coast with her husband and children. When she’s not involved with their various extracurricular activities, she’s usually in search of a good book to read. A self-proclaimed homebody, Keisha enjoys both designing and sketching, and is interested in freelance editing.

Connect with Keisha:
Website: www.keishaelle.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/AuthorKeishaElle
Twitter: www.twitter.com/keisha_elle
Instagram: www.instagram.com/author_keishaelle
Blog: www.keishaelle.blogspot.com

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