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Shiver of Deception by Rumer Raines

Money, power, women,
They make it look easy.
But being a mob boss isn’t so easy.

Running the club and calling the shots,
Makes for a satisfying life.
But I’m ready for more,
A wife,
A family,

Bryn is sexy, mysterious, and tough as nails.
But she’s hiding something,
Something that can destroy us all.
And a mob boss doesn’t rest easy,
When lives are on the line.

Now, I have to decide,
Power and money,
Or love and lust,
But is she someone I can really trust?

Available on Amazon Goodreads

“Wonderful read!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Pat W

This beautifully written story had a plot that flowed smoothly from page to page and the well developed characters hooked me right from the start! I was so engrossed in this story that as I turned the pages it felt like Bryn and Oliver jumped from the pages and pulled me right into their story as it unfolded!

About the Author

Rumer Raines is a dreamer, coconut lover and Author.

Spending her day at the office and night creating the perfectly flawed Alpha Man. Rumer loves writing about dark, tortured souls that know exactly how to treat their woman

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