Whose God can save America from nuclear annihilation? When the most dangerous jihadist group yet, Al DERSH, has apparently planted atomic bombs in New York, D.C., and L.A., a league of heavily armed fundamentalists, the Holy Jesus Christ Militia, claim that they are the only ones that can prevent the imminent destruction of the U.S.A.. As the nation’s elected officials are too busy with kinky sex and hard drugs, General Aaron Khan, the newly appointed head of the Defense Intelligence Agency who is of Palestinian Catholic extraction, has to figure out what is really going on while there is still an America left to save.
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James Nowlan has had such a chaotic life that it’s painful for him to think about it. He was born in Chicago but ended up somehow working as a security guard in the housing projects around Paris. He likes to play chess online and go for long walks in the woods.

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