Working as an editor in Seattle, Dana Kline led a happy life. She had great friends, a career she adored, and her health couldn’t be better. But everything about it was mundane and safe. EVERYTHING. No gamble would have made her change her ways, so life was going to change it for her. After an unexpected release from her job and then finding out that she would become practically homeless for the summer, Dana gathered her courage and found herself ready to try a new life in Florida. The only problem was getting herself across the nation on a tight budget, hardly any connections, and an unadventurous self. After many stops along both coast lines Dana finds out that it’s okay to let her hair down, meet new people, and try new escapades. Just as long as her sanity doesn’t fly away with the seagulls.
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“A very enjoyable read!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By M. Davis

A very enjoyable read. This is the Eat Pray Love of the summer ! A witty well written story about a women losing her job, daring to start a new life and traveling across the country to begin again. Out of her element she forges a fresh start with laughter, bravery and a lot of luck. The ultimate summer read. A enjoyable reading experience for all fans of women’s fiction.

About the Author

Carli Palmer was born and raised in New Jersey. Her first novel was entitled Down The Aisle With Bridezilla. Shore House Slumming is her second novel. Besides writing, Carli is obsessed with coffee, horror movies, and the 80’s – she can’t get enough of the decade. She is currently working on her third novel. She loves to hear from readers.

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