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Shotgunned The long ordeal of a wounded cop seeking justice by Dana Owen

Shotgunned The long ordeal of a wounded cop seeking justice by Dana Owen

One of the weapons a police officer fears most is the shotgun – the blast feels like nine people are shooting at you, simultaneously. As he pursued a hijacked truck with a hostage inside, Officer Dana Owen was Shotgunned by desperate gangsters and hit, not once, but twice, in the head. Read this riveting page-turner to find out whether Dana is able to help bring the fugitives to justice before the clock on the statute of limitations runs out!
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“Excellent read!”

Five Star Review on Amazon by Daniel A Falk

A refreshing honest account of a true American hero in his own words. I hope all cops who read this aspire to be like Dana Owen. For those who aren’t police, it’s a fascinating glimpse into the life of a good cop looking to see justice served.

About the Author

Dana C. Owen served as a Police Officer for 27 years in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, retiring as the Sergeant Armorer for the Massachusetts State Police. He served with the Massachusetts Metropolitan District Commission Police Department (MDC) from 1970 to 1992. When several state law enforcement agencies merged, he became a member of the Massachusetts State Police, serving until his retirement in 1997. He is the recipient of several police citations including the Metropolitan Police Medal of Valor, the highest honor awarded. Dana holds a Bachelor Degree in Law Enforcement from Northeastern University. A lifelong resident of Massachusetts, he is also an avid Genealogist.

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