Bea Harvey’s life is a dream, as a photojournalist for New Music: Non Stop she gets to see bands she loves up close and personal. Little does she know she is about to get a lot closer to her favourite band of all time, Shout the Call. Bea’s dream life however soon becomes a waking nightmare as the band she has idolised forever aren’t quite what they seem.
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Five Star Review on Amazon By Kindle Customer

Started to read this book thinking I would read a few chapters before bed !! Ended up reading it in one night when I get hooked I’m hooked ! Couldn’t stop because I needed know what happened next !!
Just one more chapter as avid readers will understand so I kept going !
Really enjoyed this book and would recommended this to all xxx
Loved the down to earth descriptive emotions that all could relate too .
Dive in and enjoy x

About the Author

I’m an Author hailing from Walsall, West Midlands. Most of my stories start off as a dream and I generally know the ending way before I know how to begin. Once I’ve found the beginning and sorted out the middle, the rest as they say, is history. I write for the love of it, so when people buy my book or ebook, I’m thrilled beyond belief. To think that someone out there is interested in my work enough to fork out their hard earned cash for, well – that’s just something else. I’m not just an Author though, hell no! I’m a proud Mum, a loving Wife and caring Daughter. My Sister is my best friend in the whole, wide world. I’ve also been told I’m the best Auntie EVER! I’m also a Lead Singer ( and a Photographer (

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