abcWhen you shed a stifling skin, you often lose an armour. So who is the self that emerges? Seeking to run from her troubled life in New Zealand, Finn sets out to start a new life in Dublin. However, she struggles to free herself from the damage of her painful past, and her insecurities and vulnerabilities continue to haunt her. When well-connected friends invite Finn to sing at a community music event, she escapes out the side door, where someone comes into her life that she wasn’t expecting, but who she needs more than she realises. A serialised work of women’s fiction, with a lead male character partly inspired by the singer Hozier. Story in progress with constant chapter additions. Note: includes mature content.

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From the Author

I’m interested in telling stories about women’s experiences. My current work ‘Side Door’ is a long-running serialised fiction. It has had an odd genesis – it started its life as a very loose interpretation of a fanfic (the lead male character is partly inspired by the singer Hozier). But I fell in love with my protagonist, Finn Beckett. I wanted to tell her story, and the stories of the women who make up her life. The serial has moved from a quasi-fanfic early on in the piece to a romance to something more influenced by contemporary women’s fiction. It has a life and it continues to grow.

In 2016, I will be drawing material from it to work into a novel manuscript that may possibly run over two volumes. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

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