51SWujsoBJL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_An elusive killer is brutally murdering young women and leaving a puzzling trail of clues at the crime scenes that only one man can decipher and he has to do it with a skill he didn’t ask for, can’t control, and doesn’t understand. Paired with two seasoned detectives, can he help them stop the escalating spree before it becomes personal or is it already?
Morgan Branch is the middle-aged factory employee who spends his days listening to the endless pounding of punch presses until when one day he has a vision of where the body of a missing woman who disappeared two years ago can be found. This is the first of frequent episodes of intuitive information that strike Morgan when he least expects it, but seem to be leading him to follow the clues and stop the killer. He calls the local West Bend, Wisconsin police station and through his new-found ability, becomes teamed with veteran detectives Sam Elliston and Kate Kirkland. The older Sam, a widow raising a college-aged daughter, has a stellar record of solving cases, but this one might be his first miss. Kate Kirkland, his partner and assistant detective, leads a solitary life dedicated to police work. Morgan, Sam, and Kate soon become a team trailing steps behind the most cunning criminal they have ever been challenged by, but Morgan’s ever-increasing psychic skills bring the team inches closer with each killing.

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” Was a very good book with some real twists that keep you reading”

Five Star Review on Amazon By J A Sommer

Was a very good book with some real twists that keep you reading. Could not put it down and finished it in three days. Builds the characters so you want a sequel. I saw the ending coming but not the twist.

About the Author

John Albion (1950) was born in Sycamore, IL and grew up in the surrounding area. In 1997 he moved to Wisconsin, the location for his first two novels. In 2003 he published Beyond Fate, a thriller with touches of the paranormal, a theme he continued in his latest release, Silent Messages. John has an MBA degree in Business and recently retired from a career in manufacturing. His plans are to develop a series of novels based on two of the primary characters in Silent Messages.

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