Silent Shame is the bold account of a woman’s journey navigating her husband’s pornography addiction in their marriage. Uniquely situated from a woman’s perspective, Lucia Villa-Barron provides an uncommon and raw sense of vulnerability, chronicling the distinct emotions women face when their husband’s addiction to pornography enters their relationship. This frank read not only offers unfiltered firsthand accounts, but outlines practical safeguards the couple put in place to battle this addiction. At the end of each chapter, readers will find questions designed to facilitate reflection, healing, and growth, making this book a great tool for individual devotion, counseling, or small group discussion for women and men. This honest account of the ups and downs of pornography addiction provides empowering tools and strategies as well as hope and encouragement to many who relate to this very common struggle. Silent Shame’s authenticity and relatability are sure to act as a catalyst to forever shape the treatment of pornography and marriage.
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Honest, Truthful and Transparent – Let the Healing Begin”

Five Star Review on Amazon By JV

Silent Shame: Help for Marriage and Pornography Addiction was one of the toughest, but most necessary books I’ve read in a long time. Lucia takes you along her journey in life and marriage, with great transparency, honesty and details, that will help any married couple carefully examine their individual lives, and why they think and behave the way they do. As a married man, who understands the struggle with pornography since an early age, I found this book to be filled with hope and healing. My wife of 20+ years, who is currently reading the book as well, have been discussing what we’ve read, and have great conversation about it. The questions Lucia poses at the end of each chapter, give the reader a much needed time of self reflection as well. The book reaches beyond practical relationship tools in marriage, but also can be applied to all relationships, where there is any need of healing and reconciliation. Would highly recommend.

About the Author

Lucia is a wife of 34 years to Ed, a mother of three wonderful children, and a grandmother who loves hiking, the beach, and gardening. She is also an author, speaker, mentor, and teacher of God’s Word. She is passionate about helping others find their voice when their hearts have been silenced because of their past.

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