Silly Little Scissors

by – Christine Calabrese (Author)

A Funny, Rhyming Scissors Skills Picture Book (Listen, Look, Laugh and Learn !)

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Book Description:

This colorful, rhyming picture book takes us on an entertaining trip through a lively classroom. Silly Little Scissors is making mischief in her class while the children beckon her to join them in their cutting lessons. But Silly really doesn’t believe anyone wants her friendship until the children finally convince her that she really IS important. Discover a delightful story that will add value and fun to your scissors skills lessons.

Reviews for the Book

This is a charming picture book that can be a fun way for parents or teachers to introduce how to use scissors properly. Many young children find it difficult to hold and manipulate scissors. While graphomotor skills are still developing, the child wants to explore how to use different materials.
In this colorful, rhyming picture book, Silly Scissors likes to hide in the classroom and cause mischief. This personified character learns to have fun with the children in the classroom as they begin to explore using the scissors to cut modeling clay, straws, cardboard, and paper. Now she is guiding the children who are learning to manipulate the tool successfully.
As a former special educator, I have seen so many preschool and primary children experience frustration learning how to manipulate scissors. This humorous book goes a long way to put a smile on their faces as they improve their skills. 
- Barbara Mojica Top Contributor: Children's Books

About the Author: Christine Calabrese

Christine Calabrese was raised on the North Shore of Long Island by a Polish father and Sicilian Italian mother. Her father, who was a great storyteller, captivated his daughters each night with delightful bedtime tales. Her mother enjoyed nurturing and helping other children along with her own. As a child, Christine enjoyed running and playing more than sitting and reading. Her father sent her to a lovely summer camp in New Hampshire where she enjoyed horseback riding, tennis, archery, drama, swimming, sailing, singing and friendship.

The first story she wrote in elementary school was about a little raindrop. Her favorite pastime was making inanimate objects come to life as a tease to her younger sister. Goodness! 🙂

Christine loves teaching and working with little ones! She still likes to make up stories about inanimate objects, presently however, the objects often teach useful skills.

She is the recipient of the “Teacher of the Year” award from PS 151K and she is the 2015 National Right to Read Foundation’s Teacher of the Year.

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