Silver Lining

by – A. L. Long (Author)

(Colors of Sin Series)

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Book Description:

It seemed like all I did lately was make poor decisions. Even my decision to marry Spencer instead of telling my parents the truth about the real reason behind the marriage was a mistake. I should have never listened to my college professor, who convinced me to take Alistair Nolan’s offer and marry his son Spencer in exchange for saving my parents’ restaurant.”

Lainey thought she had done everything right until now. Her life had turned inside out and upside down because of her choice to save the two people who mattered to her the most. Having control over her future was no longer her own, and even though she would never regret helping her parents keep their restaurant, she regretted listening to her college professor. Keeping her promise to marry Spencer Nolan, Lanie loses more than her freedom; she leaves behind a future with the one man who could make her happy.

Award-winning author A.L. Long has created a new romantic-suspense series-Colors of Sin. Silver Lining is a prequel to the full-length novel Red Heaven, book one in the Colors of Sin series releasing early 2023.

About the Author: A. L. Long

Award-winning Author of the Independent Press Award and NYC Big Book Award. A.L. Long is also the recipient of the National Indie Excellence Award.

Some would call me a little naughty, but I see myself as a writer of spicy thoughts. Being a romance writer is something that I never imagined I would be doing. There is nothing more rewarding than to put your thoughts down in words and share them. I began writing in 2013 and have enjoyed every minute. When I first started writing, I wasn’t sure what I would write. It didn’t take me long to realize that romance would be my niche. I believe that every life deserves a little bit of romance; a little spice doesn’t hurt either. When I am not writing, I enjoy the company of good friends and relaxing with a delicious glass of red wine.

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