51nIqqpWiHL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Few events in the history of man have had such a world-wide impact as the enactment of the law whose purpose was to reintegrate the returning Us soldiers from Ww Ii. The colloquially-known ‘Gi Bill’ recognized that a generation of young men who had had to postpone their education and careers for the fight against Nazism and Fascism, would need assistance to be reconnected with these personal endeavours. It was promulgated to ease the acquisition of required skills by the veterans, from which skills it was recognized that both they and the country’s economy would benefit. ( The abbreviation G.I.’s was used as a generic term for Us soldiers during World War Ii because of the Government Issued clothes, weapons and everything else they used whilst in the armed forces.) This Bill provided a wide-ranging package of benefits to returning Ww Ii veterans. Amongst these were low-cost mortgages, low interest business loans, payment of tuition and living expenses whilst attaining high school and university qualifications, vocational training and so forth. By the time the Gi Bill was repealed in 1956, over nine million young Americans had been trained in all disciplines, and were ready and willing to lead a world which – unlike the Us – was still rebuilding its societies and infrastructure. Many of them, including younger compatriots who grew up in the Gi Bill era, would make lasting, positive contributions to those parts of the world where they were sent.

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Five Star Review on Amazon By Nefertiti

Learning that apartheid South Africa unsettled some Americans to the extent that they would work in that country was enlightening. The reader is familiarized with Dr. Handron, a remarkable and selfless American who taught the disenfranchised at a boys high school in South Africa. Botswana would later also be a recipient of his benevolence. The author does an exceptional job in painting a vivid picture of Dr. Handron’s formative years in USA. The reader is treated to a rich historical, political and cultural narrative of USA and SA. It is an informative read for anyone with wanderlust, just wish I had purchased the edition with color pictures!

About the Author

Thabo Seseane was born in Kimberley, there spending the next four years of his life. He spent eight esteem-sapping years near Johannesburg before being returned to his grandmother’s in Kimberley as a half-literate semidelinquent. There, he and others were transformed by another who had a similar story.

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