cover225x225Simply Selling! is a must read for all salespeople who want to succeed in their careers. From luxury retail to MLM, and for every type of selling in between, this book will show you the simple methods that professional salespeople use.

The advice presented in Simply Selling! will encourage and provoke you to rethink the methods you’ve come to rely on in your sales career. Based not just on my own experiences, but also on those of the people I’ve already shared this advice with, you will benefit greatly by reading Simply Selling! Once you make the decision to apply these proven methods to your sales approach, you will experience increases in not only your sales but in your repeat customer business as well!

While this book is intended to help salespeople become professionals in their field, all who read it will learn how to improve their lives with increased communication and relationship skills. Simply Selling! is full of straightforward advice that will forever change the way you approach and interact with not only your customers, but with everyone you encounter.

Within Simply Selling! there are twenty beautiful photographs, each embossed with an inspiring motivational quote designed to set the tone for each chapter. Enjoy!

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About the Author

Mark Dennis excelled in his sales and management career for more than thirty years. After completion of his Administrative Management studies at the British Columbia Institute of Technology, Mark entered the retail field where he quickly progressed through various levels of employment, right through to store management.

On his 30th birthday Mark purchased an around-the-world flight package, then went on to visit nineteen different countries and experience several incredible cultures. Trekking in Thailand, white-water rafting in Costa Rica, skydiving in New Zealand and safari in Africa are only a few of the many exciting adventures Mark has enjoyed while exploring six of the seven continents, as well as several island nations. Extensive worldwide travel has provided Mark with a wealth of insightful knowledge that has helped him to understand and respect the differences and similarities of people from all walks of life. Travel continues to be one of his favourite passions.

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