Charlene Butler, a.k.a. Charlie, is beautiful, independent, and a successful pub owner in downtown Montreal, but prefers not to discuss her past, or the main reason for her success. When she anonymously receives strange letters and the police don’t show an interest in the case, she is convinced by Frank, her best friend, to hire a private investigator to help her solve the mystery. However, PI Simm seems to have a few secrets of his own.

Charlie and Simm join forces when the harassment escalates from letters to explicit threats. Their investigation leads them from the safety of her home, through Montreal’s underworld, to organized crime in Dublin, Ireland. What they discover contradicts Charlie’s most fundamental beliefs in herself and ultimately makes her doubt her own character.

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“A must-read set in Montreal, Canada and Dublin”

Five Star Review on Amazon By C Montgomery

Sins of the Fathers was certainly a page turner. Appealing to both male and female readers. Fun to read such an intriguing story set in downtown Montreal and Dublin – both familiar to me. A.J.’s detail to the setting greatly added to the intrigue. This well-written novel gives us a taste of Montreal’s underworld (Irish Mafia), a mystery, a bit of comedy as the main character Charlene (Charlie), is indeed quite the character. She gets her “Irish” up in many circumstances and has you chuckling. Each character is believable, well-rounded and brings authenticity to the plot. There are many unexpected twists and turns that lures the reader to the next chapter. I loved it, even to the size of the font. It’s a must-read!

About the Author

A.J. McCarthy is the author of two published novels, Betrayal, and Sins of the Fathers, along with numerous works in progress. She was born in Quebec, Canada and remained there to build a career in finance and accounting, and to raise her two daughters along with her husband. Now, she enjoys the new and diverse challenges and learning experiences involved with writing.

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