Evil will triumph unless the King’s champion is found. But, who is he? And can even he possibly succeed against a dragon…like no other? Sir John & the Dragon’s Boast is a fiction, a fantasy, but it is also a Christian allegory that speaks to the issues of our day, as well as to the issues…of eternity. Kings, Kingdoms, villains, heroes, love, hate, jealousy, generosity; a story for the young and the not so young, and a gentle reminder that before honor…comes humility.
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A tale of of knight”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Shakespeare

Once in a while you just want to read something fresh and new. This book certainly is that. The story follows the adventures of Sir John and his fight against an evil empire. It is filled with plenty of action and is enjoyable to read. And if battle scenes with Christian undertones are your thing, I would highly recommend The King’s Blade as well.

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