Zakiya, a heart-broken, Christian, southern girl leaves her small hometown and her faith for the Big Apple. Chasing her dreams, she slips into the arms of some of the most powerful and ruthless men in New York, Jarlath and Khalon. In this roller-coaster, Zakiya is stuck in the middle of a dangerous love triangle. This suspense-thriller is filled with deceit, murder, lies, and the trigger, love. Cornelia Smith gives you a series that will keep your eyes glued to the pages as you turn to find out the lessons Zakiya learns from Sleeping in Sin.
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Cornelia Smith discovered her passion for creative writing in high school. Born in 1989, she secretly began writing short stories and poetry as a hobbie. Later on, after graduating she decided to give writing her undivided attention. Cornelia love for the art of storytelling made her long for a home for her beautiful stories but she just received no’s after no’s. Low on luck, three years later she was forced to face on real life responsibilities. Desperate, and with limited income Cornelia began working multiple nine to five’s. It wasn’t until spring of 2012 when she finally caught her break when a small publishing company picked up her novel “Sleeping in Sin.” Her time at the small publishing house was short lived. Cornelia was only there for two years before she learned the game and started her own publishing house, The Book Plug LLC. Now three years later she flourishes from her childhood dream of becoming a bestselling author. Since then she has written the best-selling novel “The Black Butterfly,” the highly-rated “The Real Friends of Atlanta,” and the bestselling hit “Keeping up with the Jackson’s.” Quite suitably, she uses her life’s experiences to create captivating characters and story lines. Cornelia Smith currently resides in her home town Atlanta, Georgia where she seeks to build the biggest publishing house in town.

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