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Don’t be taxed out of business! Know your rights and KEEP MORE OF WHAT YOU EARN

It’s great to start a business and be your own boss―but with all the taxes you pay, it sometimes feels like you’re working for the government. This book teaches you ways to work smarter – not harder!

The go-to tax guide for small-business owners is packed with tips for dramatically lowering your taxes. This new edition covers key provisions passed by Congress that will affect your taxes for 2016 through 2020. It includes:

• Enhanced checklists
• Improved entity comparisons
•  Updates on valuable business resources and tools
• New information about depreciation
• Critical home-office information
• Need-to-know online business issues
• Expanded tips on Tax Notices and audits

Small Business Taxes Made Easy covers more than just taxes. It includes business plans, legal tax-cutting tips, and ways to build your dynasty – or develop a smart exit plan (think Venture Capital or IPO). Best of all, you learn how to increase your profits and your cash flow and to ensure your business is a success.

You have more rights as a taxpayer than you probably realize, and this unparalleled guide helps you exercise them to the max!

Small Business Taxes Made Easy offers easy-to-follow, actionable advice with timeless information. Whatever kind of business you run, this book provides everything you need to hold on to more of the profits you’ve worked so hard for.
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“Tax Mama makes it all work out!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Linda B

This is a truly informative tax guide especially for business owners. It’s packed with everything you’ll need to make the best plans for saving on taxes. A solid investment for years to come!

About the Author

Rosenberg’s frankness, sense of humor and casual, chatty delivery makes her a welcome talk show guest and speaker around the country. Her nationally syndicated Tax Watch column on is eagerly anticipated by readers, wondering just what IRS button she’s going to push next. Eva proudly displays a framed copy of IRS Notice 2004-27 issued as a result of one of her articles on Stock Theft Loss.

Known as TaxMama® for both her warmth and her nagging, Eva Rosenberg, is an Enrolled Agent, licensed by IRS and the U.S. Treasury Department. Eva is the publisher of, and author of Ask TaxMama® on her website. Eva provides free answers to tax questions to help taxpayers avoid or resolve tax problems.

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