zdvbxfbWhat’s a girl to do when the perfect man enters her life unexpectedly?

Monica Holiday isn’t looking for love, especially not with a coworker. So when the handsome new A&R director comes to Atlanta from Chicago, she makes it clear that she has nothing but business on her mind. As the publicist for Handle Up Records, all Monica wants to do is promote her clients and enjoy her life. Having been dumped by the label’s headliner Rodney “Double R” Robinson, her heart is in rehab and romance isn’t on the menu.

Fresh out of the Windy City, Drayton “Dray” Lewis is ready to make power moves on Atlanta music scene. When he touches down in the ATL he’s ready to work, he immediately bumps heads with the beautiful and feisty Monica. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Dray meets her drama head on. Tit-for-tat the two of them bump heads but neither can ignore the fiery desire between them. Dray isn’t looking for love either, but sometimes when it calls, you have to answer.

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“Business Before Pleasure”

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Smooth Operators is the story of love, lust, business and pleasure at its best. Monica Holiday is a top PR rep for Handle Up Records. She is smart, feisty, beautiful and has a brilliant business mind. She has been with the company a couple of years and is undoubtedly THE BEST PR person they have. Although Monica’s business life is great, her personal life isn’t doing so hot. After being dumped by Handle Up’s top rap artist, Rodney “Double R” Robinson, Monica is hesitant about letting anyone else near her heart.
Drayton “Dray” Lewis is a sexy, chocolate, suave and debonair brother who is Handle Up’s newest executive. Relocating from Chicago to Atlanta to take on his new position as VP of A&R, Dray feels this is a fresh start for him. Living in Chicago for most of his life he didn’t think he would ever leave. His heart was broken after his girlfriend Lisa, left him for a professional football player. What better way to mend a broken heart than by putting distance between them? When Dray started his new job he made a promise to himself, he was going to be all about business and not let the love bug bite him again.
Dray’s new position makes him Monica’s superior at Handle Up. Their first couple of encounters are unpleasant ones and although they get off to a not so great start the chemistry between them is uncanny. Dray can’t stop thinking about the lovely and feisty Miss Holiday and Monica can’t keep that sexy chocolate Adonis off her mind. They have both been hurt in the past and have their hearts guarded. Who will be the first to let their guard down?
Aikens debut novel is definitely a book you can’t put down. From the first page to the surprise ending, this book will have you unquestionably wanting more.
Reviewed by Eraina B. Tinnin

About the Author

Author Olayinka Aikens was born and raised in Oakland, California where she got her start penning stories at the tender age of eight. She holds a degree in Psychology from Southern University and A&M College and a Master of Professional Writing degree from Chatham University. She is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. She calls Dallas and Oakland home. She is the founder of Ushujaa Publishing. Ushujaa means courage in Swahili.

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