3 syllables. That’s all your kids are going to remember. Your kids are going to forget any lecture or life lesson or plea or series of desperate grunts – once your fourth syllable hits the air. So don’t bother. Make your point. Drive it home. And get out. You’re a parent – which puts you into the top 1% of the busiest people on the planet – and you’ve got better things to do. For Pete’s sake, you haven’t even bothered to read this far down into the book’s description.

Do you want to learn how to communicate in profound and meaningful ways with your children? Then SNIFF THE CROTCH may not be the book you’re looking for. But do you want to give your kids advice that they’ll remember and use? Then SNIFF THE CROTCH’s 3-syllable technique could be exactly what you need.
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“the book is a terrific telling of simple parenting techniques in a way that’s …”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Scott B.

I read Sniff the Crotch last night. While the title might throw you a little, the book is a terrific telling of simple parenting techniques in a way that’s both humorous and helpful (not an easy balance). The book is a fast read, never gets dull and has many fun stories along the way to help illustrate the point and keep the reader entertained. It’s a good time and something you’ll finish in a night and remember for some time.

About the Author

Gary W. Marion and his wife Adrienne live in California. Their two children live with them. As frustrating and painful as that sounds, state law requires their cohabitation. Gary wanted to turn his decade-plus as a dad into this book, so he can bang his head against it. He is also the supply chain expert for business and finance website The Balance, where he compares supply chain to sports, Star Wars, superheroes and parenting. Gary used to be a paratrooper in the U.S. Army. Parenting is more frightening.

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