This book challenges the true love life partners to openly and uninhibitedly reveal their utmost inner animal sexual lusts and desires to each other. It also encourages soul mates to acknowledge the human emotions involved with male/female sexuality. It offers a daring alternative for the true loves to form a more perfect union of oneness, which will ultimately be a pathway to sexual peace of mind.


The book is written with humor, satire, sarcasm, and seriousness. It is left to the reader to determine which is which. It is a very easy read, written in stream-of-consciousness style, with one page per chapter.


Moreover, the book seeks to reduce-if not totally eliminate-jealousy, shame, guilt, abuse, domestic violence, and possibly divorce. It is intended to promote understanding of a “battle” that has been raging between the sexes for millennia. With no permanent solution yet to “this battle, this war between the sexes,” this book proposes a controversial approach.


It is filled with logical thought-provoking questions and statements, but does not crusade any answers. Once again, it is up to the readers to form their own conclusions. Everything in the book might not be facts, but they could be!


The reader can easily find common threads of sexuality running through their mind and the minds of every adult human that ever lived.


This is one book that cannot be judged by its cover.

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