A lighthearted, comical expose on the perils and pitfalls of being partnered with a teacher. It draws on real life experience and provides an insight into the reality of life as a junior school teacher.

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“Clever, witty and so true.”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Miss Lee-Anne Walker

I’ve just finished reading ‘So You Want to Date a Teacher?’ It is compulsory reading for all teachers, partners of teachers, parents of teachers, ex-students and parents of students! Interspersed with inter-textual references, anecdotes, letters and poems, this hilarious book really resonates.

About the Author

Enjoy following the hilarious and terrifying misadventures of the humorous real life stories of Pinky and her progeny! Anecdotal evidence that owning too many animals, dealing with too many teenagers and being a primary school teacher sends you mad and makes you write silly poems.

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