Sobertude: 50 Uplifting Habits That Create Gratitude, Abundance and Joy in Sobriety

Gratitude is the single most important personal quality you can develop if you want to live happy, joyous and free. SOBERTUDE is GRATITUDE to nourish your ATTITUDE.

Looking for the key to happiness in sobriety? Struggling to find your purpose? Worried your recovery might be in danger? Getting sober is never easy. Staying sober is often just as difficult. Giving up alcohol (or drugs) is a great achievement. If you’ve managed to get sober, or are currently trying to get sober, congratulation. However…

It’s important to remember that once you get sober, you still have to face life in all of its chaos. Just because you get sober doesn’t mean the rest of your days on earth are going to be simple and care-free, without disturbances, sadness or pain. But naturally, you want to experience more abundance and joy than sadness and pain, and that’s what this book is about; developing healthy habits that create gratitude, abundance and joy.

Gratitude is the single most important personal quality you can develop if you want to live happy, joyous and free. SOBERTUDE is GRATITUDE to nourish your ATTITUDE.



    • Sobertude means taking daily action to improve your state of mind.


    • Sobertude means developing optimism and rejecting pessimism.


    • Sobertude means creating joy instead of sadness.


    • Sobertude means proactively lifting your mood and spirit.


    • Sobertude means cultivating happiness instead of anger.


    • Sobertude means contributing positivity to the world.


    • Sobertude means seeing the best in others.


    • Sobertude means counting your blessings every day.


    • Sobertude means accepting your character defects with humor.


    • Sobertude means replacing self-pity with gratitude.


In this book you will discover 50 healthy and healing habits that can improve and nourish your emotional well-being and state of mind every day. Sobertude is a simple, straight-forward action plan guide that will help you achieve the joy and abundance you seek and deserve.

Who Can Benefit from This Book?



    • Women in sobriety


    • Men in sobriety


    • Teens in sobriety


    • Young people in sobriety


    • People struggling with Depression


    • People interested in self-help treatment and solutions


    • Anyone who wants to stop drinking alcohol


    • Anyone who has stopped drinking alcohol


    • Anyone who is recovering from drug addiction and substance abuse


    • Anyone in recovery from addiction


    • People in relationships and in recovery from addiction


    • Anyone who wants to make lifestyle changes for addiction


    • Anyone trying to improve their health


    • Anyone who is in sobriety or trying to get sober


    • Anyone who wants to improve their outlook on life


  • Anyone seeking a more joyous and productive life in recovery