Soccer Mind – Raise Your Game with Mental Training by Paul M Maher

Remember as a child the excitement of unwrapping your first pair of soccer boots? You then trained to play in them. Try as you might, you may have struggled with some aspects of the game.
Most sports people use their minds against themselves, limiting their physical skills by not developing their mental skills.
Your results in soccer depend on you using your mind effectively. It plays the most important element of joy and success you can achieve.
You may be technically excellent and knowledgeable, but you may perform badly when the pressure is on. Read Soccer Mind and break through scoring barriers, set higher goals for yourself, kick away any obstacles, increase your self-belief and gain control over your thoughts and emotions.
Imagine playing every game at your very best. See yourself winning, hear the thunderous applause and feel that incredible feeling of pride.
Soccer Mind is written for players at all levels, coaches and parents so they can learn proven methods in a step-by-step approach. It is full of practical examples and exercises that you can adapt to make a huge leap forward in your soccer performance and in your life.
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