The author discusses the lives of Jesus and Socrates and through comparative analysis explains the parallels of their teaching techniques and philosophies on life.

The author came under the spell of Socrates at an early age, following his example and awakening from the amanuensis that, according to Socrates, plagues us all. When she reflected upon the care of the soul and quickening of the spirit that are tenets of Socratic teaching, she became aware of the connections between the teachings of Socrates and Jesus. Socrates taught that the highest purpose of the human being was to care for one’s soul and to be a lover of wisdom and by doing so we give birth to intellectual children (ideas) which will become immortal. Jesus taught us to “walk by faith, not by sight” (2 Cor 5:7 The New Inductive Study Bible). Socrates’ love for his fellow citizens is evident in the care that he took to guide the ancient Athenians in open conversations that led to the truth. The treasure of our Lord’s love for us belongs to each of us as individuals, and belongs to the past, present, and future for all human beings.

Follow her as she points to the many similarities between Socrates and Jesus Christ, including the fact that both men never wrote anything down but had a profound effect on their followers — their spiritual influence remains as powerful today.
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Great Read…… Page Turner”

Five Star Review on Amazon By esther

Great Read…… Page Turner!!!
I certainly enjoyed reading “Socrates, Jesus and Freedom”, a work of non-fiction written by Joan Arnsteen.
Rarely had a book held me completely ransom from the first page to the last, I was completely entranced and lost in thought, pondering the Worlds’ inhabited by the two philosophers reflected, their teachings and their methods, as the author definitely brewed a wonderful broth of their lives and impacts, even drawing similarities, which left me thought-struck.
In the book, Joan takes us through the lives and philosophies of possibly the two greatest philosophers to have ever walked the earth (Jesus Christ and Socrates), their: teachings; impact of their teachings; similarities with each other etc. Using written evidence of the Holy Bible and Platos’ Republic, as both philosophers notoriously didn’t write anything down.
Joan examines the Life of Jesus Christ and that of Socrates in an avant-garde way, unique to the author, telling a compelling factual story. She paints a pretty but accurate picture of the storied life of Socrates and Jesus Christ, their salad days, ministry/philosophy, use of inductive logic in impacting knowledge, persecution, death etc. Presenting complex yet factual ideas that blurs the thin line between philosophy and religion, makes one wonder whether they’re not one and the same discipline.
The book “Socrates, Jesus and Freedom” is a must read for everyone, especially Philosophers, which anyone with trappings of enlightenment should be considered one, hence, everyone should give the book a try, I know I’m infinitely smarter and more knowledgeable about philosophy for my experience in reading “Socrates, Jesus and Freedom”.

About the Author

Hi, Thanks for visiting my author’s page. I hold a Doctor of Religious Education degree from Destiny University, a Master’s Degree in Constitutional History, and an undergraduate degree in Philosophy. My book “Socrates, Jesus and Freedom,” was recently published on Amazon, and is a philosophical reflection on the teaching of both Socrates and Jesus. Socrates and Jesus taught that the highest purpose of the human being was to care for one’s soul and to be a lover of wisdom. Their spiritual influence remains as powerful today as it was in the past as Ancient Greek philosophical thought and Judeo-Christian religion are studied and understood within a complex territory of new ideas. On a personal note, I have travelled world-wide, and was especially fulfilled when I first stepped onto the Acropolis in Athens, and walked the paths of Jesus in Jerusalem. On a daily basis you will find me reading and writing about philosophy and religion. I am currently working on my second book that examines democracy during the time of Socrates (the Classical Period of Greece 500-336 B.C.), and compares this ancient democracy to our modern democracy.

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