“We need diverse books more than ever because books fight hate. Because children’s books can effect change.
Because all voices must be heard and celebrated.”
– Chronicle Books, San Francisco

Hi I’m Jessica Wilson, a writer and poet, born in London of Jamaican-descent.

I have written a children’s picture-book for 5-8 year olds entitled ‘Sofia the Dreamer and her Magical Afro’ : falling asleep each time her hair is styled, Sofia travels in her dreams, visiting a Jamaican Rastafarian, African ancestor and black panther.

The characters Sofia meets help unpick and demystify the politics, history, heroes and joy entangled within the tight coils of kinky hair.
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About the Author

Last year, I won a competition for my first collection of poems ‘The bulldog and the hummingbird’ (available in May) which was run by the BBC and Penguin Random House to encourage diversity in literature.

I have only ever wanted to be a writer and have written all my life but am yet to publish a book: in funding the fruition of this book, you would be realising my dream.

Thanks for reading.

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